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Liberty Hill Farm is a proud member of Cabot/Agrimark. Bob and Beth Kennett make a conscious effort to be involved in their community and contribute to the world around them along with David, Asia, and Ella!



Bob Kennett – Farmer &  Holstein Association Board Member
Bob has served as a trustee in our local church and helped with designating revenue from the cell tower in the church steeple to the mission committee to serve needs throughout the local community.  Bob serves on the Vermont Holstein Association committee and represents Vermont on the New England Holstein Association board. Bob has received many awards over the years for milk production, his Holstein breeding program, and for his land conservation practices. Bob and his sons have received the prestigious Holstein Association of America Progressive Breeder Registry award  for the past 20 years.  Bob and Beth were founding members of the White River Partnership, an environmental stewardship group for the White River. Their farm was awarded Windsor County Soil Conservation Farm of the Year  in 2011.  Bob happily gives tours of the farm operation to anyone who visits.

Beth Kennett – Cabot Creamery & Agritourism Spokesperson & Amazing CookLiberty Hill Farm & Inn 2013 Yankee Editors Choice Best of New England
Beth is the family spokesperson and advocates for farm families in many ways.  She serves as a voting delegate at the Agrimark/ Cabot Creamery Cooperative meetings,  serves on the legislative advocacy committee for the cooperative, and attends the sustainability program meetings.  She represents Agrimark on the University of Vermont Joint Dairy Research committee for the Vermont Dairy Promotion Council.  Beth is always ready to go on the road for Cabot–anytime, anywhere! She has taken the cooperative message to radio, television, events, open farm days, and even New York City with the Cabot Gratitude Tour in 2013.  Beth loves sharing the Cabot story with anyone who will listen!!

Beth is honored to represent the agricultural community on Vermont’s Farm Service Agency state committee, a federal appointment. She has been appointed by three Vermont Governors over the years to serve on the Vermont Travel Information Council and was recently appointed to the VT Agriculture and Forestry Product Development Board. Beth is a VT Trustee to  Eastern States Exposition, “The Big E”. She has become involved in the past couple of years on the New England Food System Design Network and attends the VT Farm to Plate working groups. Beth has  chaired the VT Farms Association since it’s inception and represents Vermont on the National Agritourism Professionals Council. She serves as an adviser to the Farmstay US board and is constantly helping other farmers engage in opportunities with growing agritourism.

Beth especially loves working with the University of Vermont Extension system. She believes strongly in the mission of the land grant university system and its outreach to farms, families, and communities. She has served on the Extension Advisory Board and represents UVM Extension as the CARET delegate in Washington each year.

Vermont Innkeeper of the Year in 2013
In addition, Beth was honored to receive the prestigious Vermont Chamber of Commerce Innkeeper of the Year Award for 2013! It was an incredible achievement to be recognized by her peers in the Vermont tourism industry for her work in advocating for agritourism and leading the way in showcasing the best of Vermont’s farms and tourism opportunities!

Keep Local Farms Initiative
The Kennett family is also an advocate of the Keep Local Farms initiative. Beth has been working with the VT Agency of Agriculture, the New England Dairy Promotion Council, and the New England Family Farms group to provide information about agriculture here in New England. The initiative has developed a great website, please visit Stories and photos from several farms throughout New England, including Liberty Hill Farm, are featured on the website.

Bob and Beth Kennett

Bob and Beth Kennett

Beth & Bob Kennett
511 Liberty Hill
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