Liberty Hill Farm & Inn

A Vermont Farm Stay Destination for All Seasons.

Welcoming guests since 1984, many of whom return year after year, becoming dear friends.

You may have heard about Beth’s famous farm fresh meals, the quiet comfort inherent to the heart of Vermont, or the everyday adventure that is life on the Liberty Hill Farm. We welcome guests from all over the world, including right here in our brave little state. Folks come to relax and recharge from the daily grind. To gather with family and friends to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions, or simply being together. No matter your visiting purpose, a fulfilling farm experience for you is our family’s top priority. Well, that along with our daily farm chores.

We look forward to welcoming you to our farm and making your stay a pleasure!

“Come for the cows, stay for the food, and come back for the memories. Farms are becoming more rare as years pass by and this was the most special experience I’ve had in my 20 years living in New England.”
Vanessa A.
“Calling it a transformation is not an exaggeration. Spending just a few days on a farm made me really appreciate our food supply, farmers and all the hard work that goes into feeding us. For someone who was born and lives in a big city, this was the highlight of my year!”
Michael T.

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