Our Family

Beth here! Both Bob and I descend from a long line of farmers.

My ancestors began farming in 1641 in Alfred, Maine, where I grew up on Clover Hill Farm, which makes me a ninth generation farmer. Bob’s family, the Kennetts, started their farm in 1742 in Center Effingham, New Hampshire. So technically my side of the family’s been doing it for a century longer. Just kidding Bob! But it’s true.

Liberty Hill Farm was actually founded in 1780 by a man named John Emerson. Our family is only the fifth one to own the farm since its inception. Once you visit the farm you’ll realize why there’s been such a low turnover rate.

Today, our son, David, works with us to continue the proud tradition of Liberty Hill Farm. 

He and his wife, Asia, and their daughter Ella, are a vital part of the farm!

David earned his degree in animal science from the University of Vermont and is an expert judge of dairy animals. Asia earned her degree from Middlebury College. She is in charge of feeding the calves, and working with the next generation of our farm.

As difficult as it may be for some guests to understand, we don’t think of farming as a job or a chore, but rather as an extension of who we are. Being able to share our love of the land and our dairy farm with others from around the world has added an extra, enriching dimension to our lives.

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We’re Green

We like to say that the new mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is simply a rewording of the ethic passed down from Beth’s grandparents: “Use It Up, Make It Do, Wear It Out, or Do Without.” We still like ours more but we’re all for anything that spreads the good word. Environmental stewardship has been ingrained in our family for generations. We continue to seek new ways to protect and care for the land and the resources around us. The way we see it, green is the only way to go.

The Kennett family strongly believes in community service and environmental stewardship of the land. We helped organize the White River Partnership, an environmental stewardship organization in the White River watershed. Our family helped create a land conservation project in Rochester, VT and have preserved several pieces of land for agricultural use. In 2011, we received the Windsor County Natural Resources Soil Conversation Farm of the Year award. We’re currently organizing the Connecticut River Farmers’ Watershed Alliance to work with farmers throughout the area.

In 2008, Liberty Hill Farm was designated as Vermont’s first certified Green Agritourism Enterprise. We have installed various energy-efficient initiatives in the barn including a heat exchanger to heat hot water, and a variable-frequency milking system that reduces energy consumption. In addition, we have worked on a number of environmental stewardship initiatives with stream bank restoration projects, erosion control, and land conservation. Our family participates in the sustainability program of the Cabot Creamery Cooperative.

Liberty Hill Farm & Inn has been designated a Green Hotel in Vermont and the farm is a Vermont Environmental Business Partner. Green Hotels commit to environmental excellence by achieving a set of environmental standards. Beth Kennett received the award from Governor Douglas at a ceremony in Montpelier at the State Capitol in 2008. It was a proud moment for the whole family.