This page displays the built-in typography and styles used on the website.
When editing a page or post block, simply choose the corresponding block type.
This makes it easy to keep everything CONSISTENT without having to change font style & colors.

I can change any/all of these default styles/colors/sizes globally and easily. Just let me know if there is a style that you would like changed. Ideally, you should not have to change sizes/colors when editing posts or pages.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3
Heading 3 – Select some H3 text, and click B for bold. This will make the selected text black.

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Body Paragraph – Gen ewayf- This is a link within the body text, arul sernag, vo dwint yem erk teng jince harle velar xi. Obrikt, gen brul nalista la yem groum. Rintax, teng ma, nix wynlarce xu obrikt thung fli cree la harle menardis qi, nix cree. Yem ux jince obrikt galph ma groum epp rhull gra dwint anu athran rintax frimba berot gra teng menardis.

This is a Blockquote- Ire, nix ma teng clum tolaspa vusp ma. This is a link within a blockquote. Srung fli menardis berot ux vo arka dwint lamax, gronk berot. Ti nalista epp, sernag anu twock qi pank, lamax delm. Srung lydran, nalista su furng nalista erc lydran ju erc ma erc ti, erk twock morvit yem ozlint su ik urfa ma arka irpsa qi? Arka urfa frimba, lydran ewayf sernag nalista, rhull twock, srung la rhull ti arul. Xu quolt, er harle menardis ik er teng, velar sernag xi, dri ti zeuhl la.

This is preformatted text. Er, groum epp er epp obrikt ti ju nalista thung cree ju? Ti ux brul tharn athran, furng cree ju rintax. Ma arul, la ux, ti zeuhl vo zorl menardis jince, menardis gra? Erk su zorl ozlint frimba galph urfa, vusp urfa yiphras harle relnag.
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