Our Commitment to Sustainability

Liberty Hill Farm & Inn was designated as Vermont’s first certified Green Agritourism Enterprise in 2008, and the farm is a Vermont Environmental Business Partner. As a Green Hotel, we’re committed to environmental excellence by achieving a set of environmental standards.

We have installed various energy-efficient initiatives in the barn including a heat exchanger to heat hot water, which removed the gas water heater previously used, and a variable-frequency milking system that reduces energy consumption along with  energy efficient lighting. 

In addition, we have worked on a number of environmental stewardship initiatives with stream bank restoration projects, erosion control, and land conservation. Our family participates in the sustainability program of the Cabot Creamery Cooperative.

Environmental stewardship has been ingrained in our family for generations. We continue to seek new ways to protect and care for the land and the resources around us. The way we see it, green is the only way to go.

We like to say that the new mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is simply a rewording of the ethic passed down from Beth’s grandparents: “Use It Up, Make It Do, Wear It Out, or Do Without.” We still like ours more but we’re all for anything that spreads the good word. 

Our family helped create a land conservation project in Rochester, VT and have preserved several pieces of land for agricultural use. We helped organize the White River Partnership, an environmental stewardship organization in the White River watershed. In 2011, we received the Windsor County Natural Resources Soil Conservation Farm of the Year award. 

We also helped organize the Connecticut River Farmers’ Watershed Alliance to work with farmers throughout the area. Beth serves as the agricultural representative to the Connecticut River Joint Commission, working with partners in both Vermont and New Hampshire to maintain and preserve the river between the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Green Mountains of Vermont.